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Our experts are sharing their analysis and views on latest developments in peace and technology.  

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Omdena AI Policy Challenge 

 How a Global Community Applies AI to Help Vulnerable Populations during COVID19

21 April 2020

When poverty and hunger kill before coronavirus 

The impoverished have always been hardest hit by pandemics and Covid19 will not be any different

01 April 2020

AI EXPLAINED: Non-technical Guide for Policymakers

Bridging the gap between artificial intelligence and policymaking

04 February 2020

Peace in the Age of Artificial Intelligence — The Promise and Perils

How did we depart the last decade and what to expect in the new one?

22 January 2020

Uyghur human rights violations and what does artificial intelligence have to do with it?

Humans, not machines are ultimately the biggest enemy and yet the biggest ally of Uyghurs

22 December 2019

Malicious use of deepfakes is a threat to democracy everywhere

If we can no longer trust our eyes or our ears, what are we going to do about it?

24 November 2019

YOU AND AI — On the Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights

AI is influencing human rights. But is AI a human right in itself?

14 November 2019

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