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 We designed AI for Peace Ethics as one centralized place that develops and offers a set of standards and decision-making tools for ethical AI-driven peacebuilding work. 

The goal of this project is to explore existing AI ethics practices in past, current and future planned projects, discover gaps and offer solutions for ensuring “ethics by design” is a first step in planning these activities and not an afterthought. This project looks into the specific benefits that can be achieved through the “conflict sensitivity and do no harm” approach and their applications in the algo age.


If we want to use AI to support peacebuilding, how can we make sure AI-driven approaches don’t come at the expense of ethics or lead to indirect or direct harm to the populations we are trying to help? What should AI for Peace Ethics look like?

At AI for Peace, we believe that any AI-driven work in our field must embed ethics by design with the same rigor it applies ethics to the peacebuilding work. However, this ethics is not a simple extension of existing ethical norms. It must recognize the nuances AI is bringing to peacebuilding work and “upgrade” its practices to the algo age. 

This is why this project looks at the intersection of “conflict sensitivity and do no harm approaches, traditionally used in the peacebuilding and humanitarian fields, and how they need to be adjusted to be functional and helpful in the algo age.


Image by Febiyan


The project will produce a tool to help any organization utilizing algorithms and AI to do no harm while implementing their programing through understanding and applying conflict-sensitive approaches. This tool will follow the good examples of ethical AI, human-rights-based AI tools, and complement them with a conflict sensitivity approach, to make sure these programs, projects, and activities do no harm to vulnerable and affected populations. It will promote ethical and responsible approaches to algorithms in complex high-risk settings through research, raising awareness, capacity building, and advocacy.

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