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We aim to leverage AI’s potential to protect human security and move away from focusing primarily on the safety of states to security of individuals, their protection and empowerment.

AI can offer an efficient response to a variety of human-security related issues. We are stressing the importance of using ethical principles to guide the creation and application of AI systems in ensuring human security.


We are also researching potential security threats from malicious use of artificial intelligence technologies and proposing ways to forecast and mitigate these threats.  


With the idea to support policymakers to identify the most effective ways to minimize economic suffering and protect the health of some of the most vulnerable populations in this crisis, Omdena and AI for Peace are launching an “AI Pandemic Challenge”.


In this challenge, a global community of more than 70 artificial intelligence and policy experts, from 21 countries on six continents, is collaborating to build AI models that reveal the direct and indirect impact of pandemic policies on the economic health of marginalized and impoverished communities.


Hopefully the model and policy recommendations will be one step closer to making more responsible evidence-informed decisions, without putting millions of people in additional crises on top of the one we are all living through.

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